Healing Cancer World Summit

Is there anybody alive who hasn’t had the hideousness of cancer touch their lives? At least in our culture, I think not. It has seemingly stalked us, lurking in the shadows for years until it rears its ugly head and robs us of peace, of our health, our daily routines, our privacy, our loved ones….our lives.

A month ago today, my brother died. Brain tumour.

Nearly 6 years ago it was my father-in-law. Colon cancer.

I’ve known others who have suffered with cancer.

Some win. Some lose.

I think there would be a whole lot more Winning if we had a different perspective on this whole subject. I believe the answers, many of them, are already there. We just aren’t asking the right questions. Or we are so insistent the answer must be found in the pharmaceutical realm we can’t see the forest for the trees. We keep banging our heads against the wall when solutions have already been discovered.

An enthusiastic and intelligent Kevin Gianni, health author, blogger & activist, has drawn together more than 10 experts, health enthusiasts and cancer survivors to share information about healing cancer. Its 5 nights of free information you won’t want to miss.

Cancer & dis-ease isn’t my area of expertise, but for these people it is. I’ve heard many of these passionate people speak before, and they are each a wealth of information, and explain things in understandable terms. You’ll want to take notes as there will likely be tonnes of information you just weren’t previously aware of.

Arm yourself with the alternative information that can turn the tables on cancer and survival.

I'm opinionated, friendly & chatty... I hope you are, too

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