Weekday Vegetarian

Funny how so many people in our extended family and even our friends label us as Vegetarian. We aren’t. Don’t think I ever will be. Can’t ever imagine being Vegan, that’s for sure…. I mean, us Johnsons don’t go through (upcoming) Birthday Season without Baked Cheesecakes as a central theme. So, no Vegan-in-the-making here.

Recently, while hanging out at the hospice for a few whole days, friends of the family were kind enough to bring us Subway sandwiches at lunchtime. I quickly figured out that the Vegetarian sandwich was designated for me, because supposedly I was Vegetarian. (it was thoughtful, on somebody’s account)

Look in our fridge and freezer, and maybe you’d still think we are Vegetarian, minus the fish (and presently, the turkey in prep for Thanksgiving this weekend).

I guess we lie somewhere’s in Uncategorized Land. We don’t fit in as Meat & Potato eaters, nor Vegetarian’s. There are lots of the philosophies behind Vegetarianism that I support, but I don’t think that eliminating all meat is necessary nor healthful in the long run. And of course, socially it can be difficult to be Vegetarian/Vegan.

I just think that in our western culture we have a big issue with the amount of animal products we consume. Its the frequency of meat that is a problem in our diet, and the size of servings when we do eat it.

I found this TEDtalk interesting, as this is kind of how we are about Vegetarianism. We don’t keep meat to weekend eating. We eat it even less often than that. But eating it on a Tuesday evening if we feel like eating a meat pizza is just fine with us.

The point is….eat less animal. It’s good for your body, your wallet, the environment, the world.

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