The Dash

You know how on a persons tombstone their life is basically summed up with two dates (birth & death) with a dash in between?


      David Schindel

Dec 25, 1961  Sep 7, 2011

That little   may seem insignificant, yet in reality it represents all the days that somebody has lived.  And it makes you question, how were those days lived out?

It was a topic my brother spoke with me on a few occasions over the past few years.  I’m not sure if he first heard about The Dash first by his pastor, or if he read it somewhere, but I know that he must have thought of it often as he was the one who would start the conversation about it.

Its forefront in my mind now that David’s earthly days are up.  His dash is complete.  How did he spend it?

David spent his early days playing Lego, then with neighbourhood friends playing street hockey & board games like Risk and Monopoly. He snuggled up in his down jacket year round… kidding….even in summer.  He liked riding bikes, that grew into driving motorcycles.  At a whim they’d ride to Kelowna for a coffee (from the Lower Mainland) on a Sunday afternoon.  When he got his Z-28, him and Kevin E. had to drive to LA for the weekend to break it in!  Why not?

He was always involved in youth at Broadway & later at Seaview in White Rock.  Brigaders. Car Rallies.  Water Slides.  Camping. Pool Parties.  Dips in Sasamat Lake.  Any excuse for Hawaiian Pizza and a Coke with friends.

When David was young, he had a temper that resulted in doors slamming scriptures via our mother.  Over the years he learned to handle his temper in more socially-approved ways, and learned to consider other people.  He became more attentive & concerned of other peoples’ needs, always wanting to be helpful.  To me he was a watchful older brother I could always rely on


David was very devoted to his wife Helen, and their two sons.  He spent great effort to build good memories with his family whether it was camping,  multiple trips to Hawaii, backyard BBQ’s, or mountain biking.  He was active in his church (Westwinds Community) in leadership and as a good friend to many.

This past year he has been dealing with cancer, but never far from his mind nor his lips was “How about you?  Is there something I can do for you?”

He will be greatly missed. 

Especially by these guys


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