Microscopes Do the Twist


common Kingsnake

There isn’t much at the IMAX that doesn’t get Anders’ attention, at least for a brief moment.  He knows where to find it all, and can always identify what we’ll find in the next display area…..until they reno the displays.  But for now, he knows it all.

He loves the animal displays, and all the tools for magnification.

I remember I was always fascinated with magnification.  Looking at a close-up of a dragonfly’s eyes can be somewhat intimidating, though fascinating.

Box Turtle & Rat Snake

Knowing how much I loved using microscopes at school, and wanting that for our children too, I finally put school money out on a microscope.  But not just an ordinary one.

A Twist Flexible Digital Microscope.  The squished spider that was crawling across the floor, the flower bloom, the contents of a birds nest, the hair from our brush…..any of it can be viewed under the microscope and easily seen by the youngsters in our family who haven’t yet figured out how to view through a traditional microscope.  With the Twist it is viewed on a computer screen instead of through those eye pieces!

It’s fun and easy to take our own pictures to add to science reports or lapbooks.  I trust our kids will get lots of use out of this resource.  You can check it out in this YouTube video.

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