Separate Ways

Playing chess over Coffee



Morning started with going for coffee at our favourite Stick in the Mud.  We were earlier risers then they accommodate on a Saturday morning so first we sat and watched the fishing frenzy from Whiffen Spit, then we warmed up at the coffee shop, before the family went separate ways for the day.










cycled into the city

Everette took a crew cycling into Victoria where they spent most of the day…..eating, playing, beach combing, shopping, and of course, cycling.








watched remote control fishing boat and a (slow) sailboat



beach break for food













I stayed home with stragglers and went to a neighbours Pool Party where I met some wonderful women and their children, and ate scrumptious curried mango on rye crisps, and pita triangles dipped in Thai peanut sauce, and Orange Cinnamon Slices.  Thanks for the invite, Britt.


Foot Tub

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