Sudden break.  I’m not likely to be posting much this week.

I came over to the mainland to spend time with my mom and siblings.

Sunday my sister from Cape Breton picked Everette and I up at the ferry.  Her and her dh had flewn in at midnight on Saturday, and we caught lunch with our eldest brother who lives in Vancouver. I am able to visit with mom (where I’m bunking) , visit other relatives, get my hair chopped off, and going to too many restaurants to ‘keep a good figure’.

We look like we’re related, don’t we?
 Here’s my new haircut.  Should be easy to Wash ‘n Wear, just what a mom to many needs.

New Haircut

Yesterday we had lunch with my mom’s cousin who I always called Aunty Kathleen when growing up.

Me, Kathleen, Mom

For the relatives on my dad’s side that visit my blog, here’s Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ed.  Mom and I had a great visit with them last night.  And enjoyed a blueberry glazed pie Mom made to share with them.

Aunty Joyce

Uncle Ed

4 thoughts on “Impromptu

  1. Will keep David in my thoughts and prayers. A nice picture of you and Brian and Jo. Your figure hasnt gone anywhere!

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