Natural News Store Specials

There are a few people who I really admire for their views on health and the environment.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger is one of them.  He has the Natural News Store which is presently (until Sunday at midnight) having a sale on some great products.

Some pretty good deals here:

* 36% off low-glycemic coconut sugar

* 53% off Himalayan pink crystal salt

* 44% off super-delicious organic vanilla bean powder (we only use powdered vanilla bean             now because we love it soooo much)

* 33% off Bariani olive oil

* 42% off organic lucuma powder (natural sweetener we add to raw applesauce and ice                 creams)

* 55% off certified organic maca  (great in our chocolate smoothies, helps me with my                   hormones)

* 37% off organic goji berries (we add to muesli, eat out of hand, or add to drinking water)

* 57% off B-12 energy patches

Take advantage of these specials (and more) here:  check out Current Specials (top left)

And be sure to check out the

Storable Organics

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