Captains of ‘Rescue’

Cpt Ross and Gaelyn

Most of our family was blessed with annual passes for the IMAX this year via our school enrollment, and its been something we’ve taken advantage of on many occasions.  Sometimes the children are able to see a show several times, as their interests and time dictate.

Several of us had already seen ‘Rescue’ before.  But when a Special Viewing was offered to ‘members only’ to see Rescue along with 2 of the people featured in the film we jumped at the opportunity, because we know that their presence brings a different perspective– an alive-ness to the film–since we had experienced that when we heard Robert Lacey with the Arabia film.

While waiting at the front of the line (we’re learning the ropes here, ie which shows to book, how early to show up, etc) Everette asked me what I thought our plans should be for where to sit in the theatre.  Did we want a good viewing for the screen (up high in the middle) or be closer to the podium where the special visitor would be positioned (far left and down fairly low)?  Glad I had him along, because his questioning was important.  We had come really to hear the people, and we could see the film over and over again if we really wanted to.  So we decided to sit near the podium.

Great choice.

All settled in our seats far to the left of the auditorium we were told it was ‘sold out’ and were asked to not leave any vacant seats between parties.  So we scooted one seat to the left where a lady sat with a saved seat beside her.  That’s all that was between us and the podium.

When the lady asked “How do they know it’s sold out already?  Did you have to pre-buy your tickets?”  I knew she hadn’t come in the same way the rest of us did, so after answering her question I asked “And how are you connected with the film?” She said she was the mother of the captain who flies the C-17 in the film.  As we chatted, along came her daughter, Captain Lauren Ross who entered the conversation.  That’s where the photo above with Gaelyn stems from.  Cpt Ross loves to encourage children to pursue their dreams; that heroes are just regular people who go after their dreams.

Lauren had suggested we meet them out front after the showing and take pictures (I had asked about pics before snapping the one above) which we gladly did (after the crowd died down), and got busy in more friendly conversation, even about name suggestions for their first child (a girl) expected this October.

As Gaelyn was famished for lunch, we snuck in one last group photo which included the Captain of the Athabaskan, Commander Peter Crain, from our Canadian Navy.  We squeezed in a short chat with him about sailing on the east and west coasts (he favours the west!), and specifically about the Bra d’Or Lakes and the pesky seasonal black flies.

We had a delightful time–even better than we had expected– because of the engaging personalities of both of the Captains and Cpt Ross’ mother.  Just normal people with dreams they pursued and a love to share about it.

I’m hopeful that our children, through continual exposure to good role models and ideas, will see that they, too, can do whatever is in their hearts to do.

If they can imagine it, they can do it.

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