Growing Vegetables in the Front Yard


I heard that growing lettuces was really easy, and so it was a great place to learn gardening.

We’ve tried.  And not succeeded.  Not enough to eat at present.  Still have our fingers crossed.

We bought a cherry tomato plant with fruit already on it, in hopes that we could keep it going.

It has little red globes amidst shrivelled brown leaves.  Looks pathetic.

We thought we could start some herbs from seed.  It must be easy because you see people growing them on kitchen windowsills all year long.


We did get some nasturtiums and sunflowers sprouting outside.  A fraction for all the seeds we planted.  And no flowers yet.  But there’s still Hope! ( I Hope!)  It has been a wet and windy pre-summer, and not sure if summer has even truly arrived here yet as the weather still isn’t consistently warm at all.

If I could, I would be having edible and medicinal plants growing all around my house.  In my books, lawn is pretty much a waste of space/time/energy.  So I understand why Julie Bass, who appears to have a way greener thumb than I, would plant vegetables in her front yard.


And this is the newer news about Julie Bass.  If you can’t ‘get her’ for one thing, get her for something else. Obviously, the city planner has his ego damaged.

Absolutely ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Growing Vegetables in the Front Yard

    • I wish. That’s why I labelled the pic from where I got it.

      My camera chip hadn’t been working so dh reformatted it and I was just this minute out taking pictures of the garden. Maybe I’ll post my garden pics, although embarrasing.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

  1. We have all been completely surprised by our first garden this year. The weather has been so wet and cold (the odd “summer” day)! We actually have a vibrant garden for first timers from seed! We have a brazen lettuce mix that we’ve been using for salads the past 2 weeks, and the rest is coming nicely: beets, carrots, cucumber, squash, zucchini, beans, potatoes, strawberries, and even blossoms on the tomato plants! My herbs didn’t come so well but next year I’ll get the starter plants instead of seeds for those. I can’t explain it, other than the nice raised garden beds that Scott made for Mom’s day. So now I am consulting my gardening relatives on how to continue the growing and harvesting. Wish me luck so can eat the stuff in the next couple of months!

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