13 & Time Away

Everette and I ‘ran away’ this week to my mom’s empty condo to have some time to ourselves and get a visit in with 2 of my brothers.  I decided it was a good time to take a break from blogging too, although I didn’t post anything about taking the break.  Consider this as notice!!  I’ll be back sometime next week.


Mitchell turns 13

Today I’m just popping in to share that it’s our eldest son’s 13th Birthday.  He’s been feeling like a teenager/older for about 6 months, or so he says, and he’s been acting more mature recently (maturity isn’t an indication of being a teen, is it?).


We haven’t done anything spectacular to celebrate, although Danaka did make an awesome Mocha Cheesecake that followed a mean Alfredo Sauce on Linguine lunch.  I think we’re are reaping the lethargy from an unhealthy menu today and have no energy to go out and do anything.  Mitchell has his nose happily tucked in the 3rd book of Guardians of Ga’Hoole (Kathryn Lasky) while Maret, Layne and I are reading ‘Catching Fire’ (#2 of Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins.  The girls are preparing to do an Arts sale tomorrow in the front yard if the weather permits, selling beaded bracelets, stationary cards, original paintings, etc.  And Mitch wants to checkout Pirates of the Caribbean 4 that starts playing tomorrow at the IMAX.

Just another day at the Johnsons.


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