Cycling Big Family Style

Pack Horse Daddy

We’ve owned some bikes over the years, but never had the family all outfitted for the sport, and got rid of them all almost 4 years ago when we left the island for the east coast.

This summer we decided to invest in some bikes for the family, since we were in such close proximity to the Galloping Goose Trail which is an ideal place for non-street-safe kids to learn the fine art of riding in succession.  We are teaching road safety in small groups or one-on-one, but the GGT was a great place to get out as a family and not constantly be worried about the younger ones & their cycling etiquette (or lack of).

We struck some great deals on UsedVictoria which gave us the bulk of our bikes.  A few were from garage sales, and one was a freebie from our neighbour who heard we were ‘collecting’ bikes.  Only the front-mounted child carrier for Laars was purchased new, and I loved the idea of him being in front vs the older behind-the-rider seats.  And Laars loves it.  He chatters basically the whole ride, pointing out the trees and flowers and whatever else his little eyes admire.

When I showed a tag-a-long to Anders online, he didn’t like the idea at all.  He wanted a bike of his own.  Something he could peddle and power himself.  And he wanted 4 wheels.  So we got one of those (with a free Spider Man helmet) for him, but also found a tag-a-long at a garage sale in our own neighbourhood!  It came with mounts for 2 bikes, so we can easily move it between Everette’s and my bikes lickety-split.

You can see a video of Everette cycling with the boys. As you can see in the video and pic above, Anders enjoys using the tag-a-long.  He powers it alot, so Everette can even take a break once in a while!  His little legs go like crazy.  They’ve done up to a 21km ride, and Anders cycled the whole way!!

Merry Gaelyn

Gaelyn loves cycling too, as do all the children really.  Some more than others.  But Gaelyn is a real trooper.  She just has 1 gear which makes hills a bit more challenging, but she works hard at it and usually goes a long ways.  She also did the 21km ride. (Actually, mom & Rauchelle were the only family members who didn’t do it…because we were both out of town…..lucky me!!)

Gaelyn Peddling

When we are at home, we hang a few of the cycles from hooks that were mounted for such in the garage ceiling, and the children’s bikes fill up the bulk of the garage floor space, easily accessible for them.  Helmets are kept on the owners handlebars so they are easily found when off on the next bike trip.

Hanging Cycles

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