Roots and Wings

There’s that familiar  saying “The best gifts you can give your children are roots and wings.”

Roots give the sense of belonging.  Not only to those people, things and experiences that are familiar.  Roots also come from within, from discovering who you are and what you want to do, and then in the doing it with abandonment.

Mt Kahdin

Wings are the things that bring motion.  That which keeps us moving, and growing, going beyond where we’ve been and what we’ve already done.  Wings are our dreams.  Our visions.  Our willingness to risk, and our need for adventure.  Our need for improvement also.  They all call us to become airborne.  To take flight.

Wings urge us to discover what it is we really want from living this life.  What is the meaning and purpose to being here.

Our daughter, Rauchelle, is a case in point.  She has embarked on an uncertain adventure of a life-time.  The world is opening up to her, and she’s jumping into the wind to take flight and see where she will end up.  Literally.

I shared before that she began hiking the Appalachain Trail by herself back in June, and she answered some questions I posed to her.  After almost a week she left the trail because she was getting chest pains, and she had wrecked both her feet and knees.  She decided to head south to visit friends for a couple of weeks and recoup.

And now she’s back on the Appalachian Trail, again.  Re-packed, re-vamped, refreshed. More educated, more confident.  She started where she had left the trail, and is heading south.  Giving it another try.

Having wings doesn’t mean one takes a long successful flight from get go.  But one leaves the nest, taking flight even just to the next tree.

And then tries again.  Another flight.

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