Airplanes and Flowers

Airplane Quilt

I  am not much of a quilter, although I absolutely love quilts.

They could be the one thing I would consider collecting (besides books and children) if I had the space and money to give over to a collection.  But I’m not!

However, I decided to try my hand at it once again, to make some cotton covers for the wool blankets I’ve been picking up at second-hand stores or through, to get rid of some of that scratchy-itch we connect with using wool blankets.

So, here is my b-lated (because I had the flu & didn’t feel like sewing) airplane quilt for Laars’ 4th birthday.

He loves planes.  He calls me outside to look up into the blue (or grey) sky to see the planes as they cross over.  He flies paper planes in the house.  Makes planes out of K’Nex.  He asks, “You like planes, right Mommy?” to make sure I know the important things in life.

But what did he say when I snuggled with him under the airplane quilt the first morning after it was finished?

“You make one with flowers?  You like flowers, right Mommy?  We not pick them, but you like flowers, right?”

I had a sneaking suspicion that he would want a flower quilt.

Preferrably pink, because “I loooove pink” he says.  “Flowers are soooo beautiful.  You like flowers, right Mommy?”

Maybe Anders will use the quilt.  He already suggested that he get to share the quilt with Laars.

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