A Four Year Old Boy

Twas Laars’ birthday yesterday.

Laars is Four

Hard to believe our baby is 4 now.  More nights of sleep for mama (Thank God!) finally 😉

Toveli had been looking through a Mexican cookbook so we decided to have a Mexican meal with a scrumptious Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie










and salad and wraps.  The Tamale Pie was a huge hit.  Thanks to Maret for helping Mom make it a success!

All he cared about was getting something pink since that’s his favourite colour.  So we indulged in pink Cotton Candy ice cream because I didn’t have the pans or ingredients to make pink cupcakes.

Balloons are always a hit, and it was even better this time because the kids did magic tricks with them (thanks to Rachel & Amy encouraging the magic angle on life), and there were those skinny long balloons included, perfect for making…..

Sea Serpent by Toveli










Maret and Toveli did some sewing as gifts to Laars, and although the picts didn’t turn out great, they did a great job on the gifts.

Mama with pups

Seven of us have had the flu this week, and this Birthday bash found Layne and Mom hit the hardest.  Most of the others were getting over it.  So Dad kindly took some children cycling & sightseeing to Fort Rod Hill.  I’ll post pics of that trip tomorrow.


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