World Travellers

Rachel & Amy

When I was last over to the mainland to see my bro and mom, I met Rachel over dinner at some friends house.  She was planning to head to the Island, so I extended an invite to stay with us.









So we had Rachel (from Australia) and Amy (from England) stay with us for 3 nights last week and put up with our noise and exuberance.  They played Hide ‘n Seek & Grounders with the children, participated with magic tricks, K’Nex, sandcastle building, and movie watching.  They put up with children climbing all over them, and hugging them when they came and went.  They did get some sightseeing done in Victoria, and borrowed our bikes for a day of cycling the Galloping Goose Trail.

I did warn them that we could be A Bit Much, but they came anyways, and from our perspective at least, it seemed to go well.

Here’s our children with Rachel and Amy thrown in the bunch!  Part of our saying “Goodbye”, and just before mayhem broke out because they gave the children a gift…….

Silly Group










more Magic!!


Magic Kit

3 thoughts on “World Travellers

  1. Hey!! …We’ve just spent some time reading your blog and wanted to say we really did have an awesome time with your family on Vancouver Island!! 🙂 We are soo grateful to have had the opportunity to stay with you all and we will always remember the fun times we had there!! 🙂

    Love Amy & Rachel…The world travellers!! 😉

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