Appalachian Trail – the Prep

I asked Rauchelle some questions before she set out on her adventure, tackling the Appalachian Trail.  If you are interested in what she had to say about her personal prep (mentally, physically, etc) check it out over at my other blog, Crunchy Minimalist.

Hitting the Trail

But the news is, that she has left the trail.  She has blown both knees (she blew one last summer, too) and mangled her feet, and called it quits.  But if you read her answers over here  you’ll know that she can be proud of what she did, and she’s moving on.  She’s gone south to visit friends and re-coup, and to figure out what comes next.

Her dad and I are proud of her.  She had a lot of growing during the prep time, making a lot of decisions and pushing through things that don’t come naturally for her.  But she did them.  And that will all help her in the next leg of her adventure, whatever it will be.

We believe its important to be able to make ones plans/goals, but not get so consumed by it that you can’t see when it is best to change course.  That doesn’t define a failure.  A failure isn’t in falling; it is in not getting back up again.

Rauchelle is up and moving on.  Recalculating her next move.

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