>A Morning in Montreal

>Honestly, after our awesome evening in romantic Quebec City, Montreal seemed like such a let down.  It was reminiscent to me of Vancouver, with an obvious French twist.  But it wasn’t quaint like Quebec at all.

We’ve been thru the city almost a handful of times now, but this morning Everette and I hit the downtown & Old Town streets by 9am, early enough on a Saturday to park our beast.  We strolled around, following the Walking Route described in the Canada Lonely Planet book.  And here is some of what we saw:

The city’s oldest building, the Seminary, Notre Dame
I think I have ‘a thing’ for clocks.
A flower, too big to hold in my mouth.
We are now in Ottawa for the night, and will tour the Parliament Buildings in the morning, hopefully.
See you later.

3 thoughts on “>A Morning in Montreal

  1. >Montreal probably has great places to go, and a different life of its own. Maybe we would have liked it more if we went there first? But after a few drives thru and around, it comes across to me as a big dirty, factory city. Old town wasn't quaint like old town Quebec. Of course, all of it is just my opinion 😉

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