Anders’ Question of the Day


This boys been asking us all a question today.  And it’s a good one.

“Do you want energy?”

but it actually sounds more like …..

“Do you want injury?”

So, as he munched away on a bag of carrots, he was wondering “Do carrots gots injury?”

“Mommy, do you like get injury?”

“Daddy like injury?”

“Mitchell, do you like injury?”

“Injury makes you do alot of stuff.  It makes you jump up and down.”

He climbs off the stool and starts jumping up and down.

“I think I got a carrot inside my leg.”

Maybe he’s eaten more than enough carrots for the day……or the week?

Gotta love these precious souls.  I certainly do!

Oh, and a note for Rauchelle……. Anders has decided that he isn’t going to have his birthday until “Chelle comes home.”
So, it’s decided.  This year his birthday will be on Feb 28th.

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